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Winning with Winnie (Podcast):

Discover the transformative power of words with Edwina Wilson. Gain insights on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal growth that ignite self-improvement.



Your go-to source for inspirational talks and uplifting gospel music. Experience positivity, spiritual growth, and heart-touching melodies with LetGoRadio.


Kelly's Choice Cares:

Advocating for the Disability, Special Needs, and Caregiver communities. Our mission is empowerment, inclusion, and providing essential resources.


Winning with Winnie Radio Show:

Tune in for engaging conversations and life-altering advice. Edwina Wilson sparks the drive for potential realization and personal transformation.


Edwina Wilson's Dynamic Journey of Influence &

From Hosting Galas to Leading Airwaves with a Hit Podcast and Radio Show, Experience the Radiance of Socialite Edwina Wilson's Unstoppable Journey Towards Innovation and Elegance!

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who is she?

Edwina Wilson is a radiant beacon of inspiration and a force of positive transformation. A dynamic entrepreneur, captivating media personality, and passionate advocate, Edwina brings an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything she undertakes.

Her thriving career spans across various platforms: From hosting the enlightening podcast 'Winning with Winnie' to speaking on her own radio show, she consistently uses her influence to uplift, motivate, and educate. Her ventures aren't just about business; they are about change, growth, and empowerment.

Edwina also leads Kelly's Choice Cares, a dedicated organization advocating for and supporting the Disability, Special Needs, and Caregiver communities. Her commitment to societal change and inclusion speaks volumes about her dedication to making a difference.

Whether she's lighting up the airwaves, leading empowering discussions, or advocating for underrepresented communities, Edwina Wilson stands as a beacon of change. Her journey symbolizes a powerful blend of ambition, empathy, and purpose - a testament to her mantra of making an impact one voice at a time.

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