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At the intersection of unwavering determination, immense passion, and a commitment to uplift others, you'll find Edwina Wilson. She is a dynamic entrepreneur, compelling media personality, dedicated advocate, and a vibrant social light. With her enchanting charisma and impactful voice, she consistently lights up every room she steps into, creating a trail of positive change in her wake.

Edwina's career has been nothing short of remarkable. As the host of the insightful 'Winning with Winnie' podcast, she engages audiences with powerful dialogues, motivating stories, and pragmatic advice on personal growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship. With every episode, she fuels the fire of self-improvement in her listeners, encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves.

In addition, she lends her compelling voice to her own radio show, "Winning with Winnie Radio Show". Here, she conducts captivating conversations, sharing her wisdom, experiences, and the successful journey that has made her the powerhouse she is today. Edwina's goal has always been to leverage her platform to make a difference, to inspire, educate, and motivate - and she does just that with every broadcast.

Edwina is also the compassionate force behind Kelly's Choice Cares, an organization steadfastly advocating for and supporting the Disability, Special Needs, and Caregiver communities. She drives the organization with her characteristic passion, pushing for change and inclusion and providing essential resources to those who need them most.


This testament to her dedication showcases her unwavering commitment to societal change and her deep-rooted empathy. Beyond her professional pursuits, Edwina Wilson is a prominent figure on the social scene, hosting glamorous galas and contributing to a wide array of social causes. Her vibrant persona and genuine warmth make her an engaging host, and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is truly inspiring.

Whether she's sharing her insights on the airwaves, driving transformative conversations, advocating for marginalized communities, or lighting up the social scene, Edwina Wilson is a force to be reckoned with. Her journey represents a powerful fusion of ambition, compassion, and purpose-driven action - a living embodiment of her belief in empowering change one voice at a time.

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